British Shorthair Cat Temperament and Lifespan

British Shorthair cats are one of the most popular pets in Russia and around the world. They are calm, intelligent and have aristocratic manners.

Muscular body, short textured hair, heavy flat feet, an incredible array of color options - these creatures can boast not only with an independent character and an innate sense of self-esteem, but also with their beautiful appearance. They will never bother their owners, because, a true-blooded Brits knows how to build communication properly, maintaining a balance between austerity, asceticism, devotion and sincerity.

The lifespan of this cat ranges from 14 to 20 years.

How Much Does a British Shorthair Cat Cost and Price Range

As for the price of a British Shorthair you can meet breeders who sell these kittens for $150. But you should remember that the pedigree kitten costs not less than $400-$600 if you buy it from the trustworthy breeder with a good reputation.

It is worth its price because this cat is a great choice of a pet for your family!

British Shorthair Cat Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

British Shorthair cats weigh from 6 to 12 kilos having the height up to 33 cm.

If someone believes that the British cats' colors can be counted on the fingers of one hand, he is deeply mistaken. A true lover of these four-legged beauties easily name more than two hundred colors of British cats.

Many of them exist since the appearance of the breed, and some have been produced recently as a result of careful breeding. Color must be continuous and uniform, without variegated hair, stains, shades and patterns. The coat of the cats is short and thick and soft to the touch reminding plush.

In total there are 7 main standard colors: the black, blue (gray, blue), chocolate (brown), purple, lilac British cat, red, cream (peach, beige) and white.

British Shorthair Cat Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

British Shorthair cats are often called ideal for business people. They look great, and it is self-sufficient, so these cats don't suffer from loneliness, while the master at work. It is true English aristocrat, having the royal manners and being restraint. Representatives of the British breed of cats would not agree to do what they do not like, and are unlikely to appreciate excessively annoying affection on the part of a man. The British are enthusiastic to meet the owner after work and follow him around the apartment, lying side by side, when he watches TV. The main thing - don't infringe on their independence. Do not try to sit the Briton on your lap, but pat the pet comfortably curled up on the couch.

Even participating in exhibitions, British cat knows its worth. This creature maintains equanimity in a perfect way and always stands out from the other breeds. The British can't be characterized as impulsive or aggressive cats.